Industrial supplies and components

At Soluna, our commitment runs deep when it comes to supporting industries that often fly under the radar or don’t receive the recognition they deserve, including Industrial Supplies and Components.

Having spent years entrenched in this industry, I understand firsthand the challenges of navigating similar marketing and quota hurdles. Leading in these sectors demands unwavering dedication day in and day out.

We believe in the potential of these industries and are passionate about collaborating with forward-thinking businesses and professionals who share our vision for growth and innovation. Together, we can unlock the vast opportunities that lie within this sector and propel your enterprise to new heights.

Join forces with Soluna to harness the full power of your business and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of B2B commerce. Together, we’ll build a resilient framework firmly rooted in the core values that define your unique brand identity and propel you towards success.

A team of amazing people

Oded Amir-CEO

Oded Amir


Yael Bercovich-Head-of-SDR

Yael Bercovich

Head Of SDR

Nadav Levi-COO

Nadav Levi