Essential B2B Industries

Here at Soluna, we take pride in our dedication to supporting industries that often go unnoticed or undervalued. While some may refer to these sectors as “boring,” we see them as ripe with opportunity.

Although these industries may not always command the spotlight, we fully recognize the pivotal role they play in our economy. Despite facing similar marketing and quota challenges, being leaders in these sectors demands unwavering commitment.

At Soluna, we firmly reject the notion of “boring” industries. Instead, we view them as reservoirs of untapped potential, waiting to be harnessed. We are deeply committed to collaborating with visionary businesses and passionate professionals who recognize the boundless possibilities for growth and innovation within each sector.

Join forces with us to unleash the full power of your enterprise and navigate the dynamic landscape of B2B commerce. Together, we will forge a resilient framework grounded in the core values that define your business.

A team of amazing people

Oded Amir-CEO

Oded Amir


Yael Bercovich-Head-of-SDR

Yael Bercovich

Head Of SDR

Nadav Levi-COO

Nadav Levi